Corporate Management

Randall Tosh – Chief Executive Officer

Randall holds a B.S. degree in Agriculture from Kansas State University.  Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President and Director for SmartVet Holdings, Inc., Olathe, Kansas, where he was responsible for development and management of US and Latin American markets for VetGun™/VetCap™, a proprietary animal health technology platform.  He maintained a leadership role in research and development and regulatory registration and compliance activities related to a range of animal health products designed for delivery with the company’s VetGun System.

His professional experience also includes more than twenty-five years in development and delivery of international trade and investment initiatives for both the state of Kansas and the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Dr. Michael Coe – Chief Scientific Officer

Michael holds both a DVM degree and a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition/Anaerobic Microbiology from Kansas State University.  Most recently, he served as Vice President, Business Development for SmartVet Holdings, Inc., Olathe, Kansas, where he was responsible for new market development for the company’s proprietary VetGun and range of antiparasitics for cattle as well as management of technical and customer service.  He was also instrumental in the company’s new product development initiatives.

His professional experience includes product and market development leadership for Merck Animal Health, Schering Plough Animal Health and Animal Profiling International.  He maintains a private consulting veterinary practice and serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture.

Scientific Advisory

Dr. John Tomich – Scientific Advisory

Dr. John Tomich is a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and the director of the Biotechnology/Proteomics Core Facility at Kansas State University.  The Tomich laboratory designs and characterizes synthetic peptides for potential uses as drugs or renewable biomaterials. The lab employs a number of biologic, synthetic, analytic and physical methods to make these characterizations.

Dr. Tomich holds the patent for Branched Amphipathic Oligo-Peptides that Self-Assemble into Vesicles.