BAPtofect®️-25 .5mg Kit


BAPtofect®️-25 .5mg Kit

BAPtofect®️-25 is a revolutionary new transfection reagent offering significant advantages over existing products. Comprised of branched amphipathic peptide capsules (BAPC®️), an entirely new class of nanocarrier, the kit overcomes many of the common transfection issues associated with lipid and polymer-based products.

BAPtofect®️-25 is:

  • Non-toxic to cells
  • Non-immunogenic
  • Water soluble
  • Able to rapidly transfect cells with a wide variety of nucleic acid and CRISPR components
  • Capable of oral and topical administration in in-vivo studies
  • Extremely stable in high temperatures
  • Biodegradable
  • Simple to adhere with nucleic acid and CRISPR components
  • Able to rapidly transfect cells
  • Demonstrated to protect nucleic acid and CRISPR components from degradation

Transfecting with BAPtofect®️-25 yields improved efficacy and accuracy in your experiments by making the transfection process simple. Simply add nucleic acid or CRISPR components to the pre-formed BAPC®️ and vortex. Complex formation takes place with only a 15-to-20-minute incubation period. Not only will you experience better distribution of your nucleic acid/CRISPR components, but the lack of cytotoxicity results in virtually no cell death. The inherent 20 mV surface charge of BAPC®️ ensures formation of stable, cationic nanoparticle complexes following the loading/adhesion of anionic nucleic acids/CRISPR components to improve cellular uptake.


“BAPtofect-25 systems have revolutionized our transfection process and allowed our undergraduate researchers to transfect dsRNA within the first week of being in our lab. Amazingly easy and accurate.”

Dr. James Balthazor
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Fort Hays State University

“There was no difference in siRNA knockdown of a target protein in CHO cells following transfection with BAPC vs. two other transfection agents (TransIt-X2 and Lipofectamine 3000).  In addition, we found that the presence of BAPC did not affect cell viability after one month of cryopreservation.  We have plans to expand these comparisons to additional cell lines in the near future.”

Dr. Barry Bradford
Professor, Animal Sciences and Industry
Kansas State University

“This technology will enable future medical and therapeutic tools. It carries infinite possibilities.”

Dr. Yoonseong Park
Professor, Department of Entomology
Kansas State University

“The addition of BAPC improves delivery of CRISPR components, plasmids, and dsRNA for heritable gene editing and gene targeting in insect nymphs and adults. The first heritable gene Knockouts, using BAPC-assisted-CRISPR-Cas9, produced G2 mutants from injected adult females.”

The FASEB Journal, Abstract Number: 626.2
BAPC-assisted-CRISPR-Cas9 Delivery into Nymphs and Adults for Heritable Gene Editing
Dr. Wayne Hunter

Research Entomologist

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