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Phoreus Biotechnology, Inc. is the provider of two proprietary technology platforms with the capacity to revolutionize precision drug delivery of the next generation of genetic vaccines and therapeutics. Our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules®️ (BAPC®️) and Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Colloids™️️ (CAPC™️️) offer substantially increased efficacy in the creation and delivery of novel vaccines, cancer therapies, conventional small molecules and biopesticides for improved human, animal, plant and environmental health around the world. Phoreus technology will improve thermostability of fragile nucleic acid components, potentially eliminating expensive cold chain storage requirements for these revolutionary new vaccines and therapeutics.

Devoted to improving human, environmental, and animal health.

Simple transition from in-vitro research to in-vivo application.

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Lack of access to vaccines leads to 1.5 million preventable deaths each year.

We’re tackling vaccine inequity with technology that eliminates the need for refrigeration, so life-saving solutions can go the distance.



Phoreus’ cell transfection technology is more adaptable compared to other compounds on the market. Benefits of our technology include:


Minimally toxic to cells

Higher stability

Easily programmable for highly efficient delivery

Our Technology

Learn more about our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC®️) and Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Colloids (CAPC).

BAPC®️ Technology CAPC Technology

Step One

The positively charged surface of a nanocarrier meets a cell membrane.

Step Two

The cell membrane envelopes nanocarrier and their cargo, forming an early endosome. Unable to breakdown the BAPC®️, the late endosome wall breaks down releasing the contents in the perinuclear cytosol.

Step Three

The new pH results in a reduction of electrostatic attraction, and the payload is released. Nucleic acids are released from the nanocarrier into the cytosol.

  • Phoreus provides universal carrier technologies that will store, protect, and deliver a new class of vaccines and therapeutics to the world without the need for sophisticated logistics and cold chain storage.
  • Our nanocarriers are novel, self-assembling, peptide-based nanoparticles that overcome the limitations of lipid nanoparticles.
  • They are non-toxic to cells, which is a critical development and a vital part of the future of vaccine development.
  • They also allow mRNA to remain stable at room temperature, require no specialized equipment to combine with genetic materials, and cause no injection site reactions.
  • They are the ideal carrier for genetic vaccines, cancer therapeutics, and genetic editing tools.

Technology Overview


Biodegradable Drug-Delivery Peptide Nanocapsules

ABSTRACT: Branched amphiphilic peptide capsules (BAPC®️s) are an efficient transport system that can deliver nucleic acids, small proteins, and solutes. The ability of BAPC®️s to break down is essential to their adoption as a delivery vehicle for human and agricultural applications. Until now, however, BAPCs were shown to be inert to…

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What are Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC®️)?

BAPC®️ are nanospheres made from two branched peptides that self-assemble to form solvent-filled, bilayer defined capsules. They serve as nano-delivery vehicles that overcome many of the poor absorption issues that plague certain classes of drugs: vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, pesticides, etc.

Due to their extreme temperature stability, BAPC®️ have distinct advantages over other nano-carriers and can even be autoclaved. While liposomal-based carries break down too quickly in biological systems, polymer-based carriers don’t decompose at all and can build up in the environment. BAPC®️ offer just the right amount of stability while maintaining low cytotoxicity and immunogenicity.

Can BAPC®️ be customized for my specific application?

Yes. We realize that all research has unique considerations, so we can customize BAPC®️ to your exact specifications. If you’re not sure which size BAPC®️ are best suited for your research, we invite you to contact our team for a consultation.

What commercial applications can BAPC®️ be used for?

BAPC®️ are an adaptable carrier platform with applications for multiple industries.

These include:

  • Medical Vaccines
  • Medical Therapeutics
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Veterinary Vaccines
  • Veterinary Therapeutics
  • Veterinary Pesticides
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Plant Insecticides
  • Plant Fungicides
  • Plant Herbicides
  • Household and Commercial Biopesticides
  • Premise Pest Control
  • Cell Transfection

What is BAPtofect®️-25?

BAPtofect®️-25 kits are 25 nm conformationally locked BAPC®️ in quantities of 0.5mg, 1.0 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg for use in cell transfection research. 25 nm BAPC®️ have been proven to be the ideal size to achieve maximum cell transfection rates.

How do I use BAPtofect®️-25?

A full reagent protocol is available here.

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