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BAPC®️ are an entirely new class of nanocarrier engineered from two naturally occurring peptides found in the human heart channel. They are a superior delivery vehicle for small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids, since they overcome many of the poor absorption issues that plague current nanodelivery products. BAPC®️ has been demonstrated to substantially improve the efficacy and delivery of new vaccines, cancer therapies, alternative antibiotics, diagnostics and biopesticides.

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CAPC, like BAPC, are engineered from a naturally occurring peptide sequence found in a human heart channel protein. However, CAPC allow for efficient encapsulation and improved cellular uptake of hydrophobic active ingredients. This allows small molecules with poor solubility and low cellular permeability to become viable drug candidates. CAPC also has surface binding capacity for intracellular delivery.

APC Technology Learn More

Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (APC), facilitate efficient encapsulation and improved cellular uptake of nucleic acids and water-soluble compounds. With their high positive surface charge, APC can easily penetrate mucosal membranes for therapeutic delivery. This nanoparticle shows promise as a delivery system for treating respiratory diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis.

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BAPtofect®️-25 kits are 25 nm conformationally locked BAPC for use in cell transfection research. Choose between general transfection and insect transfection kits that help overcome limitations associated with polymer-based and lipid products.

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