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Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC®️) are an entirely new class of nanocarrier engineered from two naturally occurring peptides in the human heart channel. They are a superior delivery vehicle for small molecules and nucleic acids, overcoming many of the poor absorption issues plaguing current nanodelivery products. BAPC® has been demonstrated to substantially improve the efficacy and delivery of new vaccines, cancer therapies, alternative antibiotics, diagnostics, and biopesticides.

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Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Colloids (CAPC™️️), like BAPC®️, are engineered from a similar naturally occurring peptide sequence found in a human heart channel protein. However, CAPC™️️ efficiently encapsulates insoluble active ingredients specifically BCS class II drugs, such as antibiotics, fungicides, and cancer therapies for improved cellular uptake. This allows small molecules with poor solubility and low cellular permeability to become viable drug candidates.

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Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (APC) facilitate efficient encapsulation and improved cellular uptake of nucleic acids and water-soluble compounds. With their high positive surface charge, APC can easily penetrate mucosal membranes for therapeutic delivery. This nanoparticle shows promise as a delivery system for treating respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis.


Phoreus Biotech is proud to provide a suite of ground-breaking products built on our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC®️) technology platform—each tailored to address specific drug delivery and transfection challenges. Derived from naturally occurring peptides, these technologies herald a new age of medical treatments and research that are more effective and safer for patients. 

Peptide Nanocarriers: Building Blocks of Targeted Therapy

Peptide nanocarriers are a class of delivery systems at the forefront of pharmaceutical technology. They are molecular packages—minute enough to navigate biological barriers yet powerful enough to carry a therapeutic payload directly to the cells. The principle behind these nanocarriers is their ability to encapsulate drugs, protect them from degradation, and release them at the target site for maximum efficacy.

Peptide nanocarriers offer several advantages. One of the main advantages is their biocompatibility and reduced risk of immunogenicity. The peptides often originate from amino acid sequences that occur naturally in the body. This bio-inspired approach not only improves the absorption of the drugs but also ensures that they are recognized and taken up more efficiently by human cells. 

BAPC®️ nanospheres are self-assembled from branched peptides into bilayer-defined capsules. These capsules serve as robust delivery vehicles that enhance the absorption of various drugs, including vaccines and therapeutics. They maintain superior temperature stability and can even be autoclaved. 

Unlike liposomal carriers, which break down rapidly in the body, BAPC® offers a unique balance by providing optimal stability, minimal cytotoxicity, and low immunogenicity. Additionally, they do not accumulate in biological systems as often occurs with synthetic polymer-based carriers, adding to their distinct advantages. 

The Future of Drug Delivery and Phoreus Biotech

Peptide nanocarrier technology is poised to redefine the future of precision medicine, with Phoreus Biotech at the helm of this new era of advanced therapeutics. Collaboration with industry leaders, innovative researchers, and strategic partners will be key in harnessing the full potential of our technology, turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes.

Phoreus Biotech is actively forging the path toward a future where our peptide nanocarriers become essential tools in the fight against disease. Join us as we transform the drug delivery landscape and open new possibilities for treatment and healing. 

Applications of Nanocarrier Technology

Phoreus Biotech’s peptide nanocarrier technologies are not just augmenting current therapeutic strategies but are actively carving out new avenues for treatment across a spectrum of diseases.

  • mRNA Therapy: mRNA therapy and genetic medicine offer hope for numerous diseases previously deemed untreatable. Phoreus Biotech’s BAPC® ️ technology provides a highly optimized delivery vehicle for mRNA therapeutics. The unique configuration of BAPC®️ has dual benefits. It facilitates the protection of the mRNA strands and promotes their efficient cellular uptake. This ensures that the genetic instructions reach their destination intact and functional.
  • Vaccinations: Vaccination is arguably the most successful public health intervention to date. Phoreus Biotech’s nanocarriers enhance the delivery and potency of vaccines. They present antigens more effectively, optimizing the immune response and offering better protection against diseases. With improved stability and delivery, these nanocarriers ensure that vaccines are potent, even in reduced doses, broadening their accessibility and impact.
  • Transfection: Transfection techniques are a mainstay of genetic research and therapy, allowing scientists to introduce nucleic acids into cells. BAPC®️ nanocarriers have a high positive surface charge. This charge aids in crossing mucosal membranes, enabling innovative treatments for diseases like cystic fibrosis. Historically, mucosal barriers in such diseases have posed significant obstacles to drug delivery.

Explore BAPC®️ and related technologies below. 

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BAPtofect®️-25 kits are 25 nm conformationally locked BAPC for use in cell transfection research. Choose between general transfection and insect transfection kits that help overcome limitations associated with polymer-based and lipid products.

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