The Phoreus Mission

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of people through improving the technology that advances human, animal and plant health. We understand that incredible discoveries are often made in the lab that lack a suitable delivery method to explore their real-world applications. Phoreus nanocarrier technology is the missing piece that takes new technology and makes it actionable.

Current nanocarriers have numerous limitations that are overcome by our branched amphipathic peptide capsules. As a biotech startup, we like to partner with people who understand that real innovation comes from leveraging the expertise and knowledge of others. This is why we’re always on the lookout for innovative academic institutions and industry leaders ready to accelerate the move from discovery to commercialization.

Phoreus partners with academic institutions through both grant programs and sponsored research to advance technologies and applications through nanodelivery.

Current research ranges from basic cell transfection to evaluating tissue distribution of BAPC®️ nanoparticles in mice. The routes of administration that are being assessed include intravenous, transdermal and oral applications.

Phoreus partners with leading commercial vendors for product co-development and to advance the targeted delivery of vaccines, cancer therapies, alternative antibiotics, diagnostics and biopesticides.

Our commercial partnership work is concentrated in four primary areas:

  • Elimination of expensive cold chain requirements form nucleic acid-based vaccines
  • Development of new genetic vaccines and therapeutics
  • The evaluation of nucleic acid-based biopesticides for use in specialty crops.
  • Nano-encapsulation of a synthetic lipid currently used for delivery of lipophilic drugs.

Phoreus partners with government researchers for the development of technologies with applications for nanodelivery.

The projects underway focus on the development of targeted biopesticides to address insects attacking citrus crops, ticks spreading disease in the cattle industry and a large invasive species devastating our national forests.

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