Phoreus Biotech is driving scientific innovation through superior nanocarrier technology

Phoreus Biotech is a life sciences startup founded in 2018 and based in the Kansas City metro area. A discovery of Kansas State University, our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC) represent an entirely new class of nanocarrier technology. Even though our work is on the nanoscale, it doesn’t mean we aren’t focusing on the big picture. We believe our technology has the capacity to transform the global landscape of human, animal, plant and environmental health.

The problem with some nanocarriers

For too long now, research with nanoparticles has always required some level of tradeoff. A nanocarrier might transfect efficiently but be highly toxic to cells. Others might not cause an immune response but, due to their lack of biodegradability, build up in the environment over time. BAPC not only overcome all the issues of existing nanocarriers but offer a level of customization that make them the superior choice for virtually any application.

Better delivery means better results

Successful results in the lab don’t always immediately translate well to commercially viable applications. Without an effective method of delivery, the full potential of new discoveries may never be realized. Our mission at Phoreus is to transform innovative new discoveries into tangible products that make a difference in people’s lives. This is why BAPC-assisted technology is already in use by government, commercial and academic scientists around the world.

Meet our leadership team below.

Our Leadership Team

Steve is an experienced CEO, with extensive sales and marketing experience over a 38-year history of leading businesses in the pharmaceutical and biologics industry. He was formally CEO of AgriLabs, VP of sales and marketing for Norbrook for the Americas and has held various sales and marketing positions early in his career with Syntex Animal Health. Steve is skilled in go-to-market strategy and implementation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologicals for the North American market and has successful history in business development, acquisitions, and business exits.

During his tenure as CEO with AgriLabs, Steve lead the acquisition of Benchmark Biolabs, Antelope Valley Bios, and co-founded VaxLiant. After joining the company in 1995, he was instrumental in making significant investments in R&D to develop new generic pharmaceuticals and novel biological products. He oversaw securing licensing deals that included several domestic and international arrangements, leading to successful introductions of new products to the United States marketplace. AgriLabs developed a patented adjuvant technology that was used in developing DNA vaccines for emerging diseases. In 2017, he led the exit strategy to sell AgriLabs and its subsidiaries to Huvepharma.

Michael holds both a DVM degree and a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition/Anaerobic Microbiology from Kansas State University. Most recently, he served as Vice President, Business Development for SmartVet Holdings, Inc., where he was responsible for new market development for the company’s proprietary animal health products as well as management of technical and customer service. He was also instrumental in the company’s new product development initiatives.

His professional experience includes product and market development leadership for Merck Animal Health, Schering Plough Animal Health and Animal Profiling International. He maintains a private consulting veterinary practice.

Brian holds a B.A. degree in Mass Communications & Journalism with a Public Relations option from Kansas State University. He has more than a decade of experience in the health care revenue cycle management industry. Most recently, Brian served as the Marketing Manager for eSolutions, Inc., where he was responsible for running all marketing initiatives, PR efforts and brand strategy.