Lynn Rundle is an agribusiness executive with broad experience in startups, strategy, sales and consulting leadership, operations, M&A, and business transformation. He has a reputation for leveraging a strong entrepreneurial mindset and creative drive in propelling agricultural businesses to the next level. He is a natural leader, with deep sales and operational expertise, regarded for starting and building successful businesses and leading highly complex initiatives.

Lynn serves as Chairman of the Board at Phoreus Biotechnology. Lynn previously served as Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board at J&J Family of Farms and as Operating Partner, Agribusiness at Sequel Holdings. He has many years of experience in agribusiness and has worked as founder and CEO of 21st Century Grain Processing, a specialty grain-based ingredient manufacturer, from its inception in 1997 through its successful sale in 2010. He has created several other successful agribusinesses and has worked closely with the agribusiness community, acting as an entrepreneur, educator, and executive for various producer associations. He received his B.S and M.S. degrees in Agriculture Education from Kansas State University.