December 2023

Phoreus Biotech Releases New Data to Support Elimination of Cold-Chain Storage Requirements for mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics

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OLATHE, KS, Dec. 22, 2023 – Phoreus Biotech, a leading provider of next-generation peptide nanocarriers, has announced today the results of two recent studies that demonstrate advancements in shelf-stability for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. The studies, conducted at Princeton and Auburn University, show successful delivery of a spray dried mRNA formulation and positive antibody production using the company’s branched amphipathic peptide capsule (BAPC) nanocarriers.

This advancement in mRNA technology is a major breakthrough for the field of genetic medicine. mRNA vaccines and therapeutics require a carrier to transport them into cells, and Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) are currently the most used nanocarrier. While the COVID-19 vaccines demonstrated that LNPs could be used to deliver this revolutionary technology in a safe and effective manner, the initial requirement to keep the vaccines at -80° C created numerous logistical problems.

The lack of stability of mRNA formulations means that ultra-low temperatures are required to keep mRNA formulations viable. When a vial of vaccine is thawed, it must all be used in a short window of time, or it will go to waste. This also adds complexity when trying to vaccinate parts of the world that lack the infrastructure to maintain expensive cold chain logistics.  

“For too long now, the focus has been on LNP technology for mRNA delivery,” said Michael Coe, CSO, Phoreus Biotech. “Phoreus Biotech is working to change the narrative right now that just because something works doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore alternative delivery methods.”

The studies conducted by Phoreus Biotech have demonstrated that their BAPC nanocarriers offer a superior delivery option for mRNA vaccines and therapeutics, potentially eliminating the need for cold-chain storage. Thanks to their exceptional stability, BAPC mRNA formulations can be dried and stored on a shelf, and later reconstituted for use. BAPC also have the benefits of causing no injection site reactions and are easily combined with mRNA without the need for specialized mixing equipment.

Phoreus Biotech recently presented these results at the 2nd Annual Non-Viral RNA Delivery Systems Summit to demonstrate the potential of eliminating cold chain storage requirements for mRNA. This is the first and only industry event focused on solving the challenges associated with the delivery of RNA-based drugs.

“We’re pleased that the industry is starting to recognize that better mRNA delivery options are out there,” said Steve Schram, CEO, Phoreus Biotech. “We’re focused on demonstrating that we can eliminate cold chain requirements for mRNA vaccines and believe our nanocarriers can increase access to mRNA technology for people around the world.”

About Phoreus Biotech

Phoreus Biotech is an Olathe, KS-based life science company and is the provider of three proprietary nanocarrier platforms with the capacity to revolutionize the future of genetic medicine. Their Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC®), Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (CAPC®), and Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (APC) offer substantially increased efficacy in the creation and delivery of vaccines, cancer therapies, and antibiotics.