Phoreus Biotech Raises $2 Million in Seed Round for Development of New Genetic Vaccines and Therapeutics

OLATHE, KS, Dec. 20, 2022 – Phoreus Biotechnology, a leading provider of next-generation peptide nanocarriers, announced today they have oversubscribed their $2 million dollar seed raise by more than 10 percent.

Phoreus Biotech was founded in 2018 to commercialize and develop next-generation peptide nanocarriers for improved delivery of new genetic vaccines and therapeutics. Capital raised from this seed round will be used to complete critical proof-of-concept and regulatory data, expand laboratory operations, scale up manufacturing, and drive the launch of their BAPtofect®-25 reagent kit for cell transfection research.  

“We are excited to be working on a new approach for delivery of nucleic acid vaccines and therapeutics,” said Steve Schram, CEO of Phoreus Biotech. “This funding will allow us to introduce our peptide nanocarrier products to researchers, as well as human and animal pharmaceutical producers around the world.”

With two patented nanocarrier platforms and another in development, Phoreus Biotech is positioned to revolutionize nanodelivery with their ability to develop shelf-stable compounds that offer targeted delivery. These nanocarriers will drive innovation for vaccine development, cancer therapeutics, small molecule delivery, and gene editing/therapy.

About Phoreus Biotech

Phoreus Biotech is an Olathe, KS-based life science company and is the provider of three proprietary nanocarrier platforms with the capacity to revolutionize human, animal, plant, and environmental health. Their branched amphipathic peptide capsules (BAPC®) and corralling amphipathic peptide capsules (CAPC®) offer substantially increased efficacy in the creation and delivery of vaccines, cancer therapies, antibiotics, diagnostics, and biopesticides.