Phoreus Biotechnology, Inc. is the provider of a proprietary technology platform with the capacity to revolutionize global One Health. Our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules™ (BAPC™) offer substantially increased efficacy in the creation and delivery of novel vaccines, cancer therapies, alternative antibiotics and biopesticides for improved human, animal, plant and environmental health around the world.

BAPC Technology

Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC) are self-assembling nanocarriers functioning as delivery vehicles that overcome many of the poor absorption issues that plague certain classes of drugs. Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids can be either bound to or encapsulated within the compartments of the BAPC nanomaterials for delivery both in vitro and in vivo.

More robust than lipid vesicles, BAPC are programmable in size ranging from 10-200 nanometres, dependent upon both time and annealing temperature. Their supramolecular self-assembly forms solvent-filled bilayer delineated capsules capable of encapsulating fluorescent dyes, therapeutic drugs, radionuclides and small proteins as well as binding with oligonucleotides or plasmids.

BAPC have application in development and delivery of novel vaccines, alternative antibiotics and cancer therapies for both humans and animals; as agricultural biopesticides and in the purification of water.