Human Biotech Division

Cancer Therapies

Through collaborative development work with a proprietary antisense oligonucleotide technology, BAPC has shown promise for providing stability in circulation and reducing off-target accumulation for a novel non-toxic cancer therapy.  

Further, BAPC-enabled radionuclides have been shown to allow for targeted intracellular delivery in specific cell types thereby reducing dosage sizes required for efficacious therapy. 

Diagnostic Imaging

BAPC-enabled contrast media have improved stability in circulation and due to targeted intracellular delivery, dosage requirements are reduced while increasing imaging resolution.

Agricultural Biotech Division

Working with USDA and other collaborators, BAPC are being employed to utilize cooperatively identified, species-specific DNA sequences and proprietary antisense oligonucleotides for development of biopesticides to address psyllids that transmit citrus greening and ticks which serve as the vector for Texas Cattle Fever.

Basic Science Division 

Phoreus is currently engaged in the development of tissue and organellar-targeted BAPC in collaboration with Nectagen Technology, Kansas City.

Through this Division, Phoreus is capable of research & development to produce customized BAPC solutions.